Looking to specialise your knowledge in a unique area of expertise? We have several specially-designed workshops developed and delivered by our parent provider Australian Fitness Academy, which allow you to expand and enhance your understanding of the fitness industry, whilst learning about new, exciting and engaging techniques and programs.

The courses

Each course can be completed online in your own time.

Courses are made up of short videos, presentations and quizzes

All courses are accessible on phones, tablets, laptops or desktops from anywhere in the world.

Courses Available

Here are the workshops available to AFA Asia students (delivered by AFA):

Optimising Recovery After Exercise

This online workshop explores the effects of fatigue and identifies the key methods fitness professionals can use to help facilitate recovery. You develop the skills and knowledge to apply fatigue management principles and a variety of recovery methods to assist clients in achieving their health and fitness goals.

Advanced Squatting Techniques

Take your knowledge of squatting to the next level with this comprehensive short course that explores the range of squat variations. You gain the skills and knowledge to identify and teach the proper squat techniques, understand the anatomical impacts and bust common myths surrounding squats.


Advanced Periodisation Techniques

This Workshop explores the process of developing training plans for individuals and sporting groups. Looking into the advanced methods of program planning, you’ll learn how to develop annual and multi-year training plans, as well as breaking down programs into blocks, sessions and units.

Exercise & Pregnancy Training Guidelines

This Workshop will equip you with the ability to deliver exercise training for pregnant clients. Using current information and research supported by experts, you’ll review the physiology changes associated with pregnancy and understand pre- and post-natal exercise guidelines.

Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training

This Workshop uses practical demonstrations and applications to provide participants with a detailed understanding of fundamental kettlebell exercises. It will assist you to develop your own skills in performing and instructing kettlebell exercises in a safe and progressive manner.

Olympic Weight Lifting Techniques

This Workshop will help you to master and instruct the complex movement patterns associated with Olympic weightlifting exercises. Develop skills and knowledge to enable you to perform and teach a range of weightlifting exercises in a safe and progressive manner.

Online Marketing for Personal Trainers

This Workshop covers the latest marketing strategies to assist you to promote your brand and build your personal training business. It includes social media strategies and online communication methods to enable you to reach out to your target market.

Running Training for Personal Trainers

This Workshop focuses on the role of the Personal Trainer when providing advice on running training, including proper running techniques, identifying common errors to look for and how to correct them. You’ll also learn how to develop, implement and instruct a variety of running drills and programs.

Supplement & Fad Diet Facts

This Workshop looks at the benefits and weaknesses of current popular Fad Diets such as Paleo, 5:2 and others. Learn how to respond to client questions, what information to provide and tips for helping your clients who need assistance with their nutrition.

Suspension Training

This Workshop uses practical demonstrations to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to plan and instruct a variety of suspension exercises for clients. It includes exercise progressions, teaching tips and advice for the beginner through to the advanced client.

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