Become an Australian Fitness Academy Asia supervisor

If you’re currently working in the fitness industry in Vietnam and have a passion to support emerging personal trainers and fitness professionals, then the opportunity to join Australian Fitness Academy Asia’s Practical Placement Program is perfect for you.

You can share your skills, knowledge and experience as you guide students completing our Certified Personal Trainer course through their work placement hours in a supervising role at your current workplace.

What are the benefits of being a supervisor?

We’ll reward you for your time and effort

We appreciate the support we receive from our Practical Placement Supervisors, and the amount of work that comes with mentoring our students, which is why we pay you for your time and effort.

Not only that, but you may also end up with a great employee on your hands, and are more than welcome to take on our students full time if you’re impressed with them. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!


Guide the new generation of Vietnam’s fitness professionals

Becoming a Practical Placement Supervisor with Australian Fitness Academy Asia is about ensuring the next wave of Personal Trainers in Vietnam are well-prepared to take on the industry.

It’s our aim to help improve the fitness industry in Vietnam, which is why we want your help to ensure that our students graduate with all the required practical experience and skills.

Do you want more information about becoming an Australian Fitness Academy Asia Supervisor?

You can contact us directly by emailing [email protected] or feel free to fill out the form below: